Prose: A Social Network That Could Rouse the Publishing World


Welcome to Prose: A social network that could just revitalize the literary spectrum as we know it and create a more rewarding experience for both readers and writers alike!

I am a writer by profession — have been for 30 years. Yet, I often get frustrated with the timing or conditions under which electrifying ideas come to me that should be put “on paper.”

I could wake up in the middle of the night or be walking down the street and an inspiring thought to write the next prize winner could be within my grasp. It could be a casual observation; words to a poem; a phrase or item that caught my attention and stimulated my creative juices — but I wanted to write it down quickly, cleanly and get it out to the world at large.

In March 2014, another professional writer — frustrated with similar limitations — decided it was time to try and resolve this dilemma.

What if there was a social network that provided creative and enthusiastic readers and writers — professional or amateur — the opportunity to write more in less time; get feedback; share ideas; discover writers with matching literary tastes; and connect and mutually inspire?

In October, Prose was born.


“Prose is needed because writing is needed and yet the media through which people around the world create and consume writing aren’t satisfactorily fast, social, and entertaining,” said Henry B. Augustine, one of Prose’s founders. “Prose satisfies this lack. Additionally, Prose is needed because the world of publishing today is too hierarchical, lopsided, and aristocratic.”

Prose levels the playing field for all writers.

“Prose launched as both an iTunes and web application serving to accomplish three main things: make the experience of reading and writing more efficient; make the experience of reading and writing more social; and make the experience of reading and writing more entertaining,” Augustine said. “Prose accomplishes these things through its minimalist design, through its social integration, and through its challenges feature.”

Prose already has attracted thousands of users on its mobile and web application, has a tremendous following on social media, and has peaked widespread interest among writers — both professional and “amateur.”

One of the unique and stimulating aspects of Prose is a new form of creative competition: Where readers come up with a topic, write about it and then compete with others for the best way to publish their thoughts.

You rise in rank among the readers/writers of Prose and the competitions give you more visibility.


“Prose, unlike any other reading/writing platform, incorporates subtle game mechanics through both ‘challenges’ and ‘levels.’ Anyone can create a writing challenge that prompts any kind of writing, then invite anyone to participate,” Augustine said. “Whichever response gets the most likes after that challenge expires is crowned winner. This writer then acquires a number of ‘points’ equivalent to the total number of likes on all responses to the challenge.

“Writers on Prose ‘level-up’ when they exceed certain thresholds of total likes/points received from both challenge posts and regular posts,” he said. “These levels — ranging from ‘Scribbler’ to ‘Legend’ — signify writing prestige.”

Prose then takes on the form of a personal blog, social medium, all in one convenient click.

Following Prose can add to a writer’s creativity and ability to prove that writing and reading is a passion that remains vibrant in a mostly digital world.

And, it is beginning to click.