Local communities

At Hindalco, we are committed to working with our stakeholders to realise social, environmental and economic benefits for the communities around the world. We take safeguards so as to avoid, minimise and remediate any community impacts due to our operations. The first step starts with identifying the community impacts such as health, livelihood, infrastructure and social issues which may arise due to our operations. Technical and operational safeguards are taken to avoid any such impact. We strive towards positive community impact through our various corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Some of the key community impact areas where we have taken appropriate safeguards are:

Air emissions and effluents

These are well below the acceptable limits stipulated by the regulatory authorities and have no material impact on community health, agricultural produce or livestock productivity.

Waste generation and land filling

We undertake safe and environment-friendly disposal methods for our hazardous and non-hazardous waste, thereby reducing any community impact.

Community resources and rights

We take care not to impinge upon common property resource rights like water and energy sources. For land acquisition for our capital projects, we abide by government guidelines and orders on compensation, resettlement and rehabilitation.

We believe in the trusteeship concept of management. We plough part of the profits into programmes, which result in the larger good of society. 

Our CSR activities are concentrated in 692 villages and 12 urban slums, reaching out to a 26 lakh populace, in proximity to our plants all over India. In Australia, we are also operating in one mining site which is adjacent to indigenous people territories i.e., in Maroochydore. We realise the importance of positive engagement with the community as well as recognition of community rights.