Continuous cast copper rods

Hindalco’s continuous cast copper rods meet all international quality standards. Its homogeneous structure and fine grain size results in outstanding drawability. It can be drawn to an ultra-fine wire at a high yield rate. Birla Copper is one of the major manufacturers of the 19mm-diameter copper rods in India.

The Birla Copper rod is considered suitable for power and communication cables, house wire, strips for power and distribution transformers, magnet wires, etc. Their excellent surface finish makes them suitable for processing to enamelled, coated and plated wires. They are available in diameters of 8, 11, 12.5, 16 and 19mm.

Characteristics of Birla Copper's Continuous cast copper rods:
Typical Characteristics

Tensile Strength : 0.2% Proof/Stress/Yield : <= 10.0 kgf / mm2.
Elongation on 250 mm G.L at fracture : 40 %.
Spiral Elongation Test :
( per ISO TR 4745 )
> 400mm.
Electrical Conductivity : 101 % IACS (Minimum).
Dimensions of Birla Copper's Continuous cast copper rods:

The rod surface is protected and packed in coil form on wooden pallets, wrapped with HDPE cover and finally stretched wrapped on it. The delivery to customers is made by truck, rail or sea.

Dimensions of the Coils
Outer Diameter 1.44 metres.
Inner Diameter 0.9 metres.
Height ( including Pallet ) 0.75 metres..

Weight of the coil:
1 tonne
2.25 tonnes
3 tonnes
4 tonnes