Aluminium overview

One of the largest integrated primary producer of aluminium in Asia. With a pan-Indian presence that encompasses the entire gamut of operations, from bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting to downstream rolling, extrusions and recycling, Hindalco enjoys a leadership position in aluminium and downstream value-added products in India.

Our Indian aluminium operations are integrated and consist of bauxite mining, alumina refining, smelting and converting primary metal into value-added products. We have dedicated sources for critical raw materials such as bauxite, power and coal. We also have committed supply sources for auxiliary chemicals.

Our finished products include alumina, primary aluminium in the form of ingots, billets and wire rods, value-added products such as rolled products, extrusions and foils. Metallurgical alumina is used for our own captive needs. Chemical alumina and hydrates are used in range of industries including water treatment, fillers in cables and plastics, refractories and ceramics, glass among others.

Our facilities are in regions close to raw material sources, low cost and available labour and demand markets. This helps in reducing costs and improving profit margins. The technology upgrade has resulted in higher utilisation rates at our plants and improved efficiency.

We believe implementation of superior technology not only reduces costs but also provides superior and customised products, thus, improving our sales.

Hindalco’s integrated complex at Renukoot, in Uttar Pradesh, India, houses an alumina refinery, an aluminium smelter and facilities for the production of semi-fabricated products. Power is sourced from our Renusagar power plant, located about 45km from Renukoot. Our facilities also include an aluminium smelter and an aluminium FRP facility (for rolled products, extrusions products and wire rods) at Hirakud (Odisha) with a captive power plant and coal mine, and alumina refinery at Muri (Jharkhand). Our Chemical grade alumina plant is located at Belagavi (Karnataka), and rolling mills at Belur (West Bengal), Taloja near Mumbai and Mouda near Nagpur (Maharashtra). Foil rolling facility is situated at Mouda near Nagpur (Maharashtra) and our extrusion plant at Alupuram (Kerala).

Hindalco's new age smelters at Aditya (Odisha) and Mahan (Madhya Pradesh), operating on state-of-the-art AP36 technology, have not only resulted in expansion of our capacities but also improved cost-efficiency of our operations. These smelters have their own captive power plants and source alumina from Utkal, our 100% subsidiary.

Utkal Alumina (Odisha) is a world class refinery with one of the lowest cost structure in the world. The bauxite for Utkal is sourced from Baphlimali mines by a 18 kilometer long conveyor, one of its kind in the world.

All our units are ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. Furthermore, many of our units have adopted the Integrated Management System (IMS) certification, reflecting a combined business excellence model. Apart from being a leading player in the domestic market, Hindalco's products are well-accepted in the international markets.

Our strength in aluminium products differentiates us from our competition. A significant portion of Hindalco’s sales come from value-added products. This is in line with our ‘market-grower’ philosophy. Hindalco has introduced numerous new products in the Indian market, including branded roofing sheets, branded kitchen foils and input material for bicycles and railway wagons. Hindalco’s Aluminium Gallery is a platform for its small customers to showcase their products to their consumers.

Some of our popular brands like Eternia Windows, Maxloader and Hindalco Extrusions under the extrusions segment, Everlast Roofings under the flat rolled products segment, Freshwrapp and Superwrap under the aluminium foil products segment, as well as Birla Copper and Birla Balwan under the copper mainstream products and co-products segment have garnered strong customer acceptance.